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Excursion across Vienna forest

Duration: Group - 4 hours; Individual - 4 hours.

During four hours you will be able to visit two home lands, small Liechtenstein principalities and a resort city of the Roman empire of the small country called Austria. Firstly let’s learn more about Vienna Wood! Maybe you have thought that we will walk on paths between the trees and pick up berries and mushrooms. If so, you are wrong! Maybe it’s better to ask if you want to see a real medieval castle with your own eyes.

This castle doesn’t belong to a medieval old baron. It is a personal castle of the smallest state called Liechtenstein where you can see the fullest collection of the immortal Fleming Rubens.

A picture of this castle is also imaged on a board of the small village whose inhabitants have many times restored it from ruins. Lots of them answer our questions and concerning some legends we will also find on the wall of this small principality after what we can speak about “humanity” of the Middle Ages and a little bit later about nursing homes in Austria! By the way it is necessary to admit that this castle was shot in the American version of film called “The Three Musketeers”.

Now we can see how miners of Austro-Hungarian Empire used to work here. Yes, it is true that we will go down in a real old mine. Here you will know how to extract plaster, how this simple mine becomes the most popular attraction of Austria and the biggest underground lake of Europe.

And at last you will see a terrible role that the mine played during the fortieth years of the 20th century. In the end of the excursion you will be shown something that the Third Reich produced here.

Having visited the mine we will go to the cloister of True Cross. Orthodox clerks appreciate this catholic shrine. Here it is very calm! Time stopped long time ago here and if you come here you will forget about everything in this silence. In the end of the excursion you will visit a sanatorium of the Great Roman Empire called Baden! It is a lovely city where all nobility of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy took rest. This is a resort and pleasant city. Come to Austria!

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