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Excursion in Salzburg

Duration: Group - 12 hours; Individual - 12 hours.

Now together with a Russian-speaking guide you will be able to see four districts of Austria, and also visit the old city of Salzburg. Thanks to this excursion you will be able to see simultaneously the Austrian capital, the Upper and Bottom Austria, and also the city where the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, Salzburg.

Each area which you will visit together with the guide, is worth huge attention. Vienna is the most ancient city. The country capital doesn't need any representation. Its so-called "green lungs", under the name Lainzer Tiergarten or Reserve where it is fine as in paradise, will certainly interest you. If you visit the Bottom Austria, you will undoubtedly see how rich the earth here is in historical events. For example, it is here that the Fertility Goddess was discovered. Her forms impress with the mysterious femininity till nowadays. The goddess is about 25.000 years old, and she became the most respectable lady around the world!

The Bottom Austria is the real grape paradise. If it is interesting to you, it is possible to learn that local gardens are at the same latitude with grape gardens of Burgundy!

The Upper Austria is the region of the most beautiful lakes and mysteries of history! You will see the real unspoiled beauty of the nature reflected in the surface of the lakes framed with mountain peaks. People said that the Germans have flooded all their gold in one of the local lakes many years ago. We will also visit a castle which is full of well-known persons, for example the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich Joachim von Ribbentrop. In this castle a film about a Wittelsbach princess called Elizabeth was shot whose part was performed by Romi Schneider.

And, certainly, we will visit Salzburg which is also called a city of mountains! The well-known Mozart was born in this city whose life enigmas are still not solved. You will learn why all people like black-red candies under the name Mozartkugel so much, i.e. Mozart's candies!

You will see the well-known castle on the mountain where peasants were so easily deceived, pass the steps of local celebrities and also learn what Salzburg means.

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