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Excursion to Wachau Valley

Duration: Group - 8 hours; Individual - 8 hours.

Today you together with a Russian guide will go to Wachau Valley where wine is produced successfully year in year out. This valley can be seen in memorable lists of UNESCO.

To tell the truth there is a lot of things about which it is necessary to take care. Each time when a bus stops you will admire architecture and wilderness area of Wachau, North Austria. The valley is more attractive in summer when everything glances with purity and happiness.

A marvelous view of the magnificent landscape is opened from the God’s mountain at height of five hundred meters above sea level. You will be able to see mountains, vineyards and a place of confinement of Richard the Lionheart, the so-called Durstein Castle. An old beautiful monastery with its history and sights will be seen on the background. After this we will go to a small town to Durstein Castle which is the home sight in the city that you can see from the height of the monastery observation deck. The population of this town is about 911 people. It has become a small pearl of this charming valley which attracts a great amount of tourists from all over the world.

It is so delightful to see the town with architecture between 12th and 18th centuries! Here you can find a wine cellar where everyone can take part in sampling.

All this is very fascinating but it is time to go further! Our next station is God’s fortress which is located on the slope of a hill. It is the first residence of the Babenberger dynasty which used to be in power for nearly 3 centuries. The fine architecture of the monastery made in baroque style will impress you. You will pass buildings of the well-known Austrian architectures with great excitement. In the end you will see the most wonderful creations of theirs. Local monks pray and bring up small children. You will know all about it in the old monastery. It is the sacral history of Austria.

This excursion will fill you with a set of fine emotions and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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