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Walking tour across Vienna

Duration: Group - 2 hours; Individual - 2,5 hours.

Welcome to Vienna! Walking tours across this wonderful city will help you to see it from different sides.

While walking we will pass the majestic Hofburg Palace that combines a great variety of architecture styles in itself very well. This palace was the house of all emperors who had governed this land for seven centuries in due time. Here we come to tremendous Heroes Square where it is possible to transfer in time and “wave” to the president of Austria. It is also possible to see the well-known balcony here from which a long time ago Adolf Hitler spoke having annexed Austria to Germany.

Let’s admire snow-white Lipizzaner horses when passing through the ancient palace that have been pleasing Austria with their dances since the 16th century! Then we will see Habsburger Royal Chapel whose stones keep in memory all wedding ceremonies. There is also a burial vault of the representatives of this famous European family hidden inside the Royal Chapel.

Further we can see St. Michael square which reminds of the ancient Celts and Romans with its stones. Let’s also look at St. Michael church where it is possible to see a posthumous mask of the greatest musician Mozart! You will learn all marvelous things about the capital of Austria in the downtown of the old City.

Now we will pass round the Marian column. The cheerful Austrians will tell you here the best-known legend of Vienna about a funny drunken musician called Augustine who became the real symbol of the Vienna cheerfulness.

After listening to the legend we will go further to see the magnificent Church of St. Peter. All volunteers can visit this place and listen to majestic organ music without payment every day. Soon we will see the most popular tourist place in Vienna, notably a famous musical clock called Anker-Uhr. Once you have waited twelve hours you will be able to see a tremendous performance of pantheon characters from the depths of Austrian history. If you want you can compare this clock with the similar one in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Now we will pass through the mysterious and sinuous streets of Vienna. Every stone here reminds of different events. Here you can recall great Paracelsus and laughing seminarians and, certainly, gloomy Jesuit brothers etc. It will be really great if the streets have an opportunity to “speak”.

When walking in the city we will be able to hear a lot of interesting stories. You are sure to like this friendly city from the first visit.

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